“Loner” is an exhibition about the artists visual attempt to create a bridge between a capital city and the individuals living in it.
In a city like Berlin, where every corner is a challenge. Is it hard to keep your focus.
A city known for its fast pace
and anonymity.
A place where every corner can ruin a life. A capital city! A place where every temptation affects your life.

In Berlin, I have set myself the task of creating a bridge between the
urban conditions, social conditions and
their human individuals in order to
create moments in which they have
time to breathe deeply and draw
strength to withstand life in the capital.

Max Mdy a self-taught photographer from
berlin who feels comfortable in every urban environment. His visual journey takes you to breathtaking architecture to the deepest underground, moody streets and a view over the cities. He’s always looking for the right chance to capture and create a world where he feels comfortable. A dark and clean look, mixed with dynamic compositions is his way to express himself through pictures.